Heavy Equipment Rentals

The table below list our equipment and our hourly charge. When a customer rents one of our machines, it includes a licensed safety conscious operator. Poupart Excavation is fully insured against liability.

To book our equipment, please call us at: 613.446.7575

Trucks/Floats Charge
Triaxles 88.00/hr.
Tandem 83.00/hr.
Truck & Float 122.00/hr.

Backhoes Charge
Backhoe - Case5805M 87.00/hr.
Backhoe with vibrating plate 130.00/hr.
Backhoe with Tramac 125 hammer 155/hr.

Buldozer Charge
Bulldozer - Cat D3 90.00/hr.
Float charge for bulldozer 215.00 each

Shovels Charge
Shovel - Komatsu PC200 127.00/hr.
Shovel with boon stick 195.00/hr.
Float charge for shovel 249.00 each

Other Equipment Charge
Grader - Champion 138.00/hr.
Loader - Cat 928 - 3 yrds 113.00/hr.
Screener Plant - Laprade Series 2 110.00/hr.
Stacker 80' x 36" 35.00/hr.

Man Power Charge
Laborer 38.00/hr.
Foreman 55.00/hr.

Prices are subject to applicable taxes.