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Poupart Excavation delivers a large offering of materials to both commercial and residential customers to meet their building construction, lawn & garden, drainage and landscaping requirements.

See our Products Page for available materials and pricing. You'll also find a handy calculator to help you determine your order requirements.

Delivery rates are based on the estimated time that will be required to deliver the material to the job site, plus the cost of the materials

We offer same-day-service on many of your regular products and fast delivery on that special requirement that is only available from remote areas outside our regular Prescott-Russell service area.

Delivery options:

  • special arrangements to suit your busy life
  • single, multiple load deliveries and pickups as required
  • know exactly what you need!
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Call us for friendly, fast, reliable delivery service when you need it. 613.446.7575

Our professional, knowledgeable staff can answer any questions you may have, can recommend appropriate materials to suit your requirements and will confirm order details for you.

Delivery - Poupart Excavation - Rockland, ON

Flexible, fast, reliable delivery of construction, lawn & garden, landscaping and drainage materials when you need it.