Products Price List

Top Soil Charge
Triaxle load - 25yds 12.00/yd
Tandem load - 16yds 12.00/yd
Delivery fee for topsoil 4.00/yd

Stone Charge
Granular A or B 10.00/MT
Stone dust 11.80/MT
Drain stone 14.20/MT
Basement filler 12.20/MT
Clear stone 2" 12.20/MT
Clear stone 4" 12.60/MT
Gabion 14.90/MT
Rip rap 10.00/MT
Washed Septic Stone 18.65/MT
Large landscaping rocks - round or flat 110.00 each

Sand Charge
Sand 68.00 triaxle load
Winter sand 90.00 triaxle load
Sand box/pool sand 11.25/MT

Trucking Extra
Minimum charge for hand loading materials of $25.00-$35.00
Prices are subject to applicable taxes.

Due to volatile fuel prices, we reserve the right to review trucking and material charges.