Why Poupart Excavation


Serving the Prescott-Russell United Counties and surrounding areas for over 2 decades. Since 1993, our repertoire of capabilities and arsenal of equipment has grown to meet our customer’s exacting demands. If you can think it, we've probably done it:


Our management team, heavy machinery operators and drivers have been with the company for many years. Our collective expertise will help to prepare a solution that's right for each individual project. We're perfectionists love a challenge, and our expertise and know-how will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

  • We dig foundation holes for homes, additions, garages, warehouses, commercial and industrial buildings
  • We dig trenches for electrical, sewer and water
  • We perform sewer excavations and drainage correction
  • We install culverts and repaired roads
  • We supply, delivery and remove aggregates, mulches, sand, soil & rock
  • We clear lots, grade roads, demolish buildings, dig up old foundations, dig swimming pool holes and wells
  • We do landscaping and park grading
  • We do septic installations (licensed septic installer)
  • Demolitions and removal (MOE Waste Management)
  • What ever you need, big job or small, we can do it all


We use certified measuring and weight standards to ensure you are receiving accurate deliveries and provide screening and testing of soils and fills as required by the customer. Our equipment is up-to-date with the most efficient sub-systems and tools.

First Class Service

We offer flexible, same-day-delivery , and are committed to delivering materials and services on-time as-promised and we'll do whatever is required on our end to fulfill our task.

Why Poupart? - Poupart Excavation - Rockland, ON

Experience, expertise, quality, first class service, and on-time delivery. It's easy to see why Poupart Excavation is the No.1 choice for all excavation and delivery needs in the Prescott-Russell area.